Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm just going to post some pictures of what we've been doing this fall!

MiMi.... our new family dog. She is a Morkie (maltese/yorkie mix)! She is a lot of fun and loves to play with Cassidy (biting her toes and jumping on her head). Cassie is not so sure about her. Since our neighbors stole Simba we got lonely and got her. I know Brady and Cam are laughing at me because I am a horrible dog owner!

I had the chance to go to San Diego for a nursing conference with some friends from Utah! It was a blast eating at yummy resturants, going to the beach, and jogging early every morning before the conference. I'll have to post some pictures with the girls later but the San Diego temple is gorgeous! After I got back, Shannon went to Las Vegas for a medical conference.

Dallin was a freaky doctor guy for Halloween. This was at his school parade as he was passing by. Of course, he was to cool for a picture so I had to quickly get one as he walked by the camera.....that is why it is blury.

Carley and her friends that are so cool! I bet everyone wishes they could be like them. Carley was a hippie for halloween.

This is our cute little 9 month old lamb on Halloween who can walk now and has been for about a month! She started walking way too young! She is such a joy. She copy cats everything. She can point to her nose, say meow and ruff, and fall down the stairs (yeah I know we're real great parent's but when you have a house full of 10 you tend to lose track of some!)

We celebrated Joshua and Megan's birthday while they were up here! We had a blast at BLAST OFF! The kids played laser tag, ate pizza and played in the jungle gym.

Carley, Joshua, Amber, Megan playing in the first snow fall (during October). The colorado kiddos were able to come see us during their fall break! And this is what they got..... Snow!

Fall football! Ya gotta love it! Dallin's team went 6-2 and had an awesome season. Dallin played full back, defensive end and kicker! He rocks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Days

Amber caught a mino while playing in the river.

Happy 48th Birthday Grandma! It was fun celebrating your birthday up at the cabin and going to the playmill theater.

Say cheese! All the kids getting ready to go swimming at the river.

Us up at a cabin in island park. We liked it so much that we are going to buy one! The offer is in and we are just waiting to close! So come up and vacation with us sometime.

Carley, Dallin and Braxton (the kids stepbrother) waving their Flags!

4th of July parade! Cassie and Daddy waving a flag.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Time Flies!

Wow! Where has the time gone. I haven't blogged forever! I guess life just gets so busy! We've enjoyed our summer so far! Here are some of the things we've done:

This is the happy girl Cassie! She's always full of big, huge smiles. She smiles at everyone! Even strangers. We get so many comments on what a happy girl she is! She is now 5 months old and can sit up all by herself! She also rolls over. I'm sure she'll start crawling soon. I would like to prevent that though! I want her to be immobile for as long as possible.

Amber, Holly, Joshua, and Megan were able to come visit us. We went on a day trip to Mesa Falls. It was very beautiful.

This is Kayla and Dallin's piano recital. They had their piano recital at a retirment home. Dallin played Yankee Doodle Dandee and Kayla played Beauty and the Beast.

We've spent many weekday nights watching Dallin play baseball. He was on the Blue Jays. Dallin's position was pitcher and 3rd base mostly. He is a very good athlete and does awesome at any sport he does. He always tries really hard!

This is Kayla after she woke up one morning. Carley had a sleep over with her best friends, the twins next door, Emma and Megan. They decided to play pranks on Kayla. At about 1:00 a.m. I had to tell them to be quiet because they woke us up (I didn't even know they were still awake!) Crazy girls.

We were able to go down to Utah for Maurice and Kristi's wedding. Kayla was a bridesmaid and the other girls were flower girls. They all looked so cute and the boys are just so handsome! We enjoyed visiting with family and friends.

This is Carley and Dallin after they decided to play in the mud! Kids........ What I didn't post was the naked picture I took of them when they were washing all the mud off in the hose! Ha ha....

We were able to go see Carley dance at her recital. She looked so pretty.

I wanted to post a picture of Shannon pole vaulting but it was in video format so it didn't work. It's a Jenkins tradition to have a track contest before one of the brother's get married off. They compete to see who is the best athlete. It was really fun to see them do it. I think either Maurice or Jerome went the highest but I personally think Shannon looked the best doing it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cassie 4 months old!

I have not blogged forever! Sometimes life just gets too busy. I feel like I am constantly running the kids here and there. Kayla made 8th grade cheer and is trying out for a competitive squad. Dallin is in baseball and basketball (the next blog will be pictures of him) and Carely is in dance and gymnastics. On top of that I have decided to open up a very small practice here in Idaho Falls. My official business name is Neonatal Specialists, PLLC. It's been fun but a very challenging adventure. I have started to work for a small hospital in town (mountain veiw....shannon's competitor) and soon hope to work at the other hospital! That is of course if they decide to allow nurse practitioners (I know the politics of this town are retarded!!!). So here is Cassie. I can't believe how fast she has grown! I am enjoying every second of it. It's been so nice not to work during the past 4 months. She is such a happy baby. She smiles and laughs all the time. Her first real food was mashed potatoes on Mother's Day! Yummy! She loved them. The other picture is of her right after her bath. My neighbor made the cutest hooded towel for her. She looks so cute all snuggled up in it. What else have we been up to? Well we planted a garden but I guess it was too early and all of our tomatoes died from frostbite!! The kids have been enjoying riding the 4 wheelers and dirt bike around in the nice weather. I can't wait for some more warm sunshine!!!

Happy Birthday Amber

Amber's birthday was on May 9th. We celebrated it when she came up in April. We had a party for her at Leo's Pizza Place. We ate pizza and the kids played on the playground and played some video games. We love you Amber!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break!

For spring break we went to Phoenix, AZ. We were able to stop in St. George and visit Grandpa and Grandma Cooper and my cousin Stacie (+ kids). Shannon's kids weren't able to go with us because their spring break was not during this time (but hopefully next time the school breaks will coincide). We were able to visit with Hans and Cindy and all their cute girls and Ian. It was a blast. The highlights of the trip were going to a spring training game, playing in the pool with Mariah, Madison and Annie (also....the chicken fights between kayla and dallin ontop of Shannon and Ian {see picture}), going out to dinner and of course Shannon's favorite was going to Last Chance (basically a Nordstrom outlet). We drove down--everybody did fairly well with the drive. We stopped multiple times to site see and we were able to see someone bungee jump off a bridge near the Grand Canyon. What we loved the most----the heat of course!!!

Happy Birthday Holly!

We had a fun birthday party for Holly at Classic Skating (in SLC). The kids were able to go on the bouncy rides and roller blade. We ate Pizza and had cake and ice cream! Everybody got worn out. Just look at all the red faces!!!